Change is good! Really, I promise.

As much as I may try to fight it, time continues to pass and things around me continue to change. I used to HATE change. I fought it with every ounce of me, anchoring my feet to the floor and closing my eyes as if that would stop the world from turning. I fought moving into college, not being able to bear the thought of leaving my high school friends. Then I fought graduating from the same place I didn’t want to go in the first place, for the same reason. How silly is that? All this fighting just made everything harder and in the process I closed my mind to the idea that there might be even more people waiting to enter my life on my next adventure. If I had just stopped struggling, I would have been much more inclined to see that there was some good coming my way if I could just let the universe do its thing.

I notoriously used to tell people, “I don’t do well with change”. What the heck does that even mean? I don’t do well with change. That’s like saying that you don’t do well with your hair growing. It happens every day without asking for permission, and I bet you don’t even notice it until 8 weeks have passed and all of a sudden you realize your bangs can fit in your ponytail finally. Change is the same way, it can be so subtle that one day you wake up and realize that you’re not the same person you used to be. You might have different interests and goals. And guys, that’s OKAY. I promise. Just roll with it.

The thing that really opened my eyes to the fact that change equals growth was Young Living. Before even considering the business, using the oils shifted my focus to this whole new group of amazing people that were waiting to support me and help me grow.

To be completely honest I didn’t dive right in. At first I thought the concept of self-help books, manifesting, meditation, and growth work was a little coo coo bananas. So I sat on the sidelines and watched my new friends do all of these crazy things, and to my surprise, accomplish all of these crazy things too. I started to dip my toes in and before I knew it I was splashing around in the middle of everyone, manifesting my ass off.

“Nobody who ever accomplished anything big or new or worth raising a celebratory fist in the air did it from their comfort zone. They risked ridicule and failure and sometimes even death.” — Jen Sincero

So, change is good. Let that really settle in. I’m not saying that everyone should quit their jobs, get tattooed, and find a new pack of friends to hang out with in order to be happy. But if you hate your job or your friends are serious Debbie Downers, maybe that’s where you should start. Go ahead, roll on some stress away oil, tell your friend Karen that she sucks for always putting down your ideas, and go do some of them already!

It’s going to be uncomfortable. It’s called growing pains for a reason, right? Leaving the comfort zone that I spent years carefully building for myself was a real struggle. But I found out that once I was able to open my mind to change there was a whole new awesome reality just waiting for me. And guys, it’s been so worth it.



One thought on “Change is good! Really, I promise.

  1. Hi Brianna I have watch you grow from a infant into a amazing woman. You have finally come into your own and have been awakened. I have always and will always be proud of you for who you are and what you share with the world. we are all blessed to have you in our lives. keep growing keep learning and keep teaching.

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